In a landscape of office suites, Truly Office championed a return to simplicity, authenticity, and empowerment.

Our collaboration was more than a journey back to essentials; it was paving an innovative path that refocused on the core values that matter.

Together, we created a brand that stands for efficiency, privacy, and a user-centric approach, thereby improving the way we work.
Art direction
Design strategy
Web design
Retail marketing
Our task was to carve a distinct identity for Truly Office, encapsulating its core principles and translating them into a compelling, engaging brand.  The challenge was not just being different but in resonating with an audience tired of compromises, and ready for an authentic, transparent alternative.
Aligned with Truly Office's goals, we optimized our marketing tactics to highlight privacy, integration, affordability, and user focus. This focused strategy made Truly Office a strong market contender.
Leveraging the transformative power of AI and machine learning, we supercharged Truly Office's creatives, optimizing efficiency and quality across all assets. 

From automating early-stage content to fine-tuning design, we crafted a brand experience that's deeply attuned to user needs.

Our strategic use of AI didn't replace the human touch—it magnified it. It served as a catalyst, revolutionizing the way creative assets come to life.
Although we kept industry standards in mind, we chose to break from the norm to make Truly Office stand out.

Our modern design palette combined vibrant colors and interactive features, not just to attract attention but also to underscore the brand's emphasis on user autonomy and clarity.
Building on this attention-grabbing aesthetic, we honed in on a design strategy that prioritized clarity, appeal, and functionality.

Each visual element, from the icons to the overall layout, was fine-tuned to provide users an undistracted, yet deeply engaging interaction with Truly Office.
Words were our tools to articulate the ethos of Truly Office. Beyond conveying information, our storytelling elicits emotion and reinforces the brand's promise to users.

Our manifesto wasn't merely a set of claims; it was a call to embrace the essence of what office productivity should truly be.
We crafted Truly Office's website to be as functional as it is visually appealing. The layout guides users effortlessly through the suite's features, striking a balance between aesthetic allure and usability, all while staying true to the brand's vision for smooth operation.
We connected Truly Office to its audience through digital and physical assets. From the Amazon storefront to gift cards and brochures, each asset served as a custom experience that embodied the brand's essence, compelling users to opt for an office suite that genuinely understands them.
Designs that Convert.
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