Zak Williams, son of the legendary Robin Williams, and his wife Olivia June Williams, co-founders of PYM, joined forces with D2C.

With an established brand and products crafted by Neuroscientists & Nutritional Psychiatrists, PYM sought to extend their reach.

Our collaboration aimed to amplify their natural solutions for stress and anxiety, turning mental well-being into a tangible reality for all.
Design strategy
Art direction
Web design
Ads design 
Email campaigns
Video production & Editing
Retail marketing
Creating for PYM required alignment with their existing brand and products. We enhanced their visual and verbal style to highlight offerings like Mood Chews, Mood Magnesium, Mood Omegas, and Mood Biotics.

Our work was tailored to resonate with their mission to help people feel their best.
We teamed up with PYM and worked hand-in-hand with them. We took the time to really understand what they wanted, what they stood for, and what made their products special. 

Guided by PYM's brand pillars: Be Present, Be One, Be OK, we started working together to make their online and offline presence even better.
Our collaboration with PYM was about building a cohesive and engaging vision.

We developed a design strategy that aligned with PYM's core values and products, infusing our creations with fun, light, yet educational elements.

By using vibrant colors and organic shapes, we made sure our designs matched PYM's mission for mental well-being, blending seriousness with a compelling and accessible approach.
Through careful art direction, we guided the visual language of PYM's creative assets. Whether it was a social media ad or print material, we made sure that the colors, imagery, and typography reflected PYM's established brand. This attention to detail helped create a brand experience that was not only visually appealing but deeply connected to PYM's goals.
We worked with PYM to improve their product pages and landing pages, focusing on showcasing their Mood Chews and supplements.

Our designs added new layers of engagement and connection, highlighting the products' natural ability to provide stress and anxiety support.
We designed social media ads and posts to echo PYM's brand essence, with some featuring motion graphics to vividly illustrate the impact of their Mood Chews and supplements.

Each design told a story, engaging the community with PYM's natural stress solutions. Our visuals resonated with their mission, inspiring followers to become advocates for mental well-being.
Our collaboration in video production focused on creating user-generated content that showcased real-life experiences with PYM's Mood Chews and supplements.

These videos were aligned with PYM's existing brand narrative, adding authenticity and relatability.
We partnered with PYM to create email campaigns that were an extension of their brand voice and product line.

Through thoughtful copywriting and design, we crafted emails that not only informed but also resonated with the unique benefits of PYM's products.
On Amazon’s vast online platform, we understand the importance of a compelling, unified,and educational presentation of PYM’s products.

We designed a well-rounded lineupof assets, including comparison charts, and graphics that highlighted features and benefits.

We used PYM’s lifestyle images, branding them for a cohesive look. Our aim was to build an Amazon storefront that simplified the decision-making processfor potential buyers.

By marrying creativity with information, we aimed to transformbrowsers into buyers.
We worked with PYM to create print material like booklets and sales sheets that were in harmony with their existing brand identity and product offerings. Every piece was designed to be a tangible reflection of PYM's commitment to mental well-being through their unique products.
Designs that Convert.
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