We joined forces with Obvi, a trailblazer in the wellness supplements space, to elevate their customer journey through email sequences and landing pages.

Obvi's mission to create products that are more personal, playful, and light, resonated with our own commitment to customer-focused design.
Design strategy
Art direction
UX web design 
Email campaign
The challenge was to craft creative assets that perfectly integrated with Obvi's solid branding.

Our goal was to create materials that not only resonate with the brand's audience but also offer fresh, educational, and visually outstanding qualities.

A key aspect of this challenge was the ongoing refinement of our email sequences and landing pages, driven by data insights.
We aimed to make the brand experience not just about purchasing a product but about becoming part of a community.

We leveraged Obvi's vibrant range of flavors, their commitment to taste and nutrition, and their various health benefits to create engaging content that would inspire, educate, and motivate their audience​.​
Our design strategy centered around creating a visual language that was as vibrant and exciting as the Obvi brand itself. We wanted to make the user experience feel more like joining a fun, supportive community than simply purchasing a supplement.
Echoing Obvi's brand identity, our art direction aimed to create each element with a playful, light-hearted touch. We focused on incorporating bright colors, playful graphics, and engaging visuals that not only appealed to the target audience but also underscored the fun and unique nature of Obvi's products.
We crafted captivating visuals that effectively communicated the brand's unique value proposition, while maintaining consistency with their playful and light-hearted identity. Our designs not only attracted the audience's attention but also provided valuable and educational information about Obvi's products, ensuring a harmonious blend of engagement and education.
Our design for Obvi's landing pages combined UX expertise and Obvi's vibrant brand ethos. We made the customer journey engaging and informative while maintaining an element of fun. Through clear communication of product benefits, we supported the customer's post-purchase health journey, creating an enjoyable and user-focused experience.
The copywriting phase involved creating conversion-oriented content that echoed the brand's light-hearted and fun tone. Our copy highlighted Obvi's unique benefits in a way that was engaging, educational, and enthralling, further accentuating the sense of community that Obvi fosters.
Through strategic design and compelling messaging, our email campaign highlighted Obvi's product benefits and bolstered customer-brand relations. By leveraging data-driven insights, we persistently fine-tuned our approach, aligning each message with Obvi's distinct brand voice, elevating their design, and encouraging a sense of community among recipients.
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