We were thrilled to partner with MOSH, a brand co-founded by Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Inspired by their personal experiences with Alzheimer's in their family, they launched this mission-focused company to promote brain health through nutrition and education.

Their pursuit of providing tools for a "mindstyle" lifestyle resonated with our own dedication to empowering visionary brands with design and strategy that truly connects.
Brand strategy
Art direction
Animation design
Web design 
The task was multifaceted: How do we embody MOSH's mission of brain wellness into compelling design elements and creative assets?

Our challenge lay in crafting a visual identity for the website, landing pages, and box packaging that resonated across generations, seamlessly blending the essence of MOSH's mission with the personal touch of its founders' story.
We embraced a holistic approach, merging aesthetics with functionality to craft fun and educational designs. Aligning with MOSH's commitment to mind and body wellness, our strategy fostered a visual identity that resonates with the heart and mind, promoting a "mindstyle" lifestyle.
We shaped a brand strategy centered on creating fun, interactive, and compelling designs that would resonate with MOSH's audience. By infusing educational elements with engaging visuals, we cultivated a connection between consumers and the brand's mission, encouraging a thoughtful approach to brain health.
Our design strategy for MOSH covered everything from web design to box packaging, all aligned with the brand's mission.

We created landing pages, product detail pages, and 3D models of the box packaging to offer a user experience that invites and engages. The design connects visitors with MOSH's goal of brain wellness, creating a unified and inspiring visual story.
Art direction was about more than aesthetics; it was about creating a visual journey that speaks to MOSH's mission. By carefully orchestrating visual elements and animated graphics, we crafted a cohesive and engaging narrative. Each design choice was made to resonate with the audience, reflecting the brand's commitment to brain wellness.
We designed the box packaging featuring the brand name prominently with illustrative icons inside. These playful additions not only add an element of fun but also align perfectly with the brand's lively and engaging identity.

Through 3D modeling, we brought the packaging to life. The design is clean and fits with their brand, making a clear link to their work on Alzheimer's research.

Each box brings together tasty nutrition and a good cause, letting customers know they're part of something bigger.
The website serves as a tantalizing showcase for MOSH's nutritious bars, each packed with deliciousness and goodness for the brain. We designed web pages that not only highlight the amazing flavors but also convey the unique benefits of these bars in a fun and engaging manner.

From vibrant product detail pages to interactive features, the website invites visitors to explore and savor MOSH's offerings. It's a digital experience that celebrates the fusion of taste and wellness, embodying MOSH's commitment to nourishing both the palate and the mind.
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