We were excited to team up with Caveminds, a new brand offering weekly AI insights, webinars, and tools for founders. They're all about helping businesses grow.

Our job? Help kick-start and shape their brand from the ground up, focusing on everything from their look online to their emails and podcasts.
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Web design
Ads design
Newsletter design
Podcast creatives
Social media assets
With AI being the talk of the town, standing out is no small feat. While many discuss AI, few offer actionable, immediate tactics like Caveminds aimed to. Our challenge? Create a brand that stands out in the AI crowd and highlights its practical approach.
We focused on design that mirrors Caveminds' goals. Our mission was clear: showcase their innovative and tactical AI solutions in a distinctive manner. We set out to create creative assets that resonate with those eager for actionable AI insights.
For Caveminds, our design decisions were anchored in their forward-thinking mission. Balancing their dedication to AI, we crafted a look that not only resonates but also stands out amid the clutter, ensuring their insightful core is unmistakably heard.
logo design
The Caveminds logo is a thoughtfully designed fusion of history and futurism. The cave gate represents stepping into the exciting world of AI, and the fire nods to how just like discovering fire was a big moment in our history, AI is our modern game-changer. Ultimately, the logo tells the story of joining past breakthroughs with today's innovations.
In today's digital era, a brand's website is its main showcase. For Caveminds, our design assets prioritized a user experience (UX) that felt intuitive, as if guided by AI itself. Every interaction was tailored to lead users seamlessly to key AI knowledge and resources.
Ads Design
Ads are key to engaging with a brand. In designing creative pieces for Caveminds' ads, we focused on what their audience wants. The result? Visuals and messages that don't just grab attention but also prompt action.
Newsletter Design
Caveminds releases a unique weekly newsletter. We contributed creative assets to elevate its appeal, ensuring it's not just informative but also engaging. With our touch, each edition becomes a compelling read that founders eagerly await.
Podcast Creatives
Caveminds delivers a compelling AI podcast. They handle the audio, and we took care of the visuals. Our designs set the mood and make listeners curious to learn more about AI. Additionally, we created YouTube thumbnails that are optimized for visibility. Striking a balance between distinct branding and a clean aesthetic.
Social Media Assets
We created social media content that's educational yet fun. Our designs, emphasizing clarity, showcase Caveminds' unique color palette and style. Each post is unmistakably 'Caveminds', making it easy to spot in the busy social media world.
AI Integration
Embracing the same AI-driven approach as Caveminds, we integrated artificial intelligence in our design process. By selecting AI tools aligned with their objectives, we ensured that Caveminds' branding not only resonates but distinctly shines across all creative assets.
Designs that Convert.
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