We were excited to partner with Bonafide, a brand committed to providing natural solutions for menopause symptoms.

Our collaboration was a focused effort to create marketing strategies and designs that speak to women and care for their needs.
Web design
Video production & editing
Ads design
Social media content
Motion graphics
Translating Bonafide's vision into tangible creative assets was our challenge. From social media ads to landing pages, we needed to craft engaging and compassionate materials that would not only educate but also empower.
We aligned with Bonafide's mission, blending strategy and design to elevate their brand. By optimizing for conversion and employing UX strategies, our copy and designs created a connection with those in need. 

This thoughtful approach fostered trust and understanding, guiding women to explore Bonafide's solutions.
Our web designs were designed to be a user-friendly space where visitors could easily discover what they're looking for.

We tailored product pages and landing pages to align with Bonafide's emphasis on wellness education, with a keen focus on conversion optimization. Every aspect was thoughtfully strategized to ensure a seamless user experience that resonated with the brand.
We leveraged User-Generated Content (UGC) from female doctors and women's health professionals, many of whom had experienced menopause or related symptoms and endorsed Bonafide's products.

By crafting new ads and repurposing existing videos, we shaped content that was both relatable and relevant, reflecting genuine trust and satisfaction in Bonafide's natural solutions.
Menopause can be a complex and sensitive topic. Our challenge in copywriting was to take this layered subject and make it clear, relatable, and enticing.

We focused on creating content that was educational yet approachable, helping Bonafide's audience understand their options and feel encouraged to take action.
Our ad designs were a strategic blend of Bonafide's existing brand guidelines, colors, and ethos, elevated to a new level of sophistication and relevance.

While maintaining the core identity, we infused elements of fun and modernity, particularly in social media contexts, to make the brand more engaging.

These carefully crafted ads resonated with women and encouraged them to explore and connect with Bonafide's offerings. 
Designs that Convert.
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